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Musaalahah – english


The Musaalahah Course is the Fida educational program on the subject of ’Jews and Israel’.

The course is aimed primarily for Arabic believers from Muslim backgrounds.

The content and lessons of the course are built on the cultural context of the course participants and the different knowledge bases.

The purpose of teaching is to open up the understanding of God’s plan for the Jews, Israel and the peoples of the Middle East, based on the Bible. Likewise, in the light of the Bible, the roots and consequences of the current conflict between the brethren are going through.

According to the theme of ”Musaalahah – Reconciliation”, the course teaches how real reconciliation is achieved in the hearts and deeds. “One new man” becomes true through teaching and testimony.

All teaching materials have been translated into English and Arabic. Teaching is translated into Arabic with a team of skilled interpreters.

The main teacher of the course is Messianic Jewish Pastor from Israel, and other Fida Davar teachers are involved in the teaching.

In addition to teaching, the program includes a discussion of teaching topics and a common prayer for the people of the Middle East on the Musaalahah theme.

The course is a two-day (sat-sun) and held at the inviting church.

Course topics:

  • From the beginning: Paradise and sin
  • Beginning of redemption plan and enmity
  • Abraham
  • Isaac and Ishmael
  • Jacob and Esau
  • Blessings and conflicts of the brothers
  • The people of Israel
  • Why did God choose the Jews?
  • The covenants of Israel
  • God’s plan for the Jews
  • Our role alongside the Jews
  • The nature of God
  • Israel and the Kingdom of God
  • Restoration of Israel
  • Jerusalem: Past, Present, and future
  • Anti-Semitism
  • One new man
  • God’s plan for the nations of the Middle East

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